New York High Schools will open face-to-face on March 22nd

New York High Schools will open face-to-face on March 22nd

After elementary schools and later colleges, the New York mayor announced Monday that high schools in his city will be able to open their doors again on March 22nd.

The mayor of the largest city in the United States, Bill de Blasio, announced Monday that New York’s public high schools will open on March 22nd. All of the city’s 448 high schools are expected to reopen, and half of them will welcome all or most students face-to-face five days a week. The rate to be gradually increased.

“We are ready. We have all the elements needed to reopen high schools. We need to reopen them properly, of course safely.” Bill de Blasio at a press conference on Monday.

Teachers will return to high schools from March 18 to prepare classrooms to accommodate students, said Misha Rose Porter, who is in charge of the city’s education policy.

In New York, colleges have been able to open face-to-face since Feb. 25, and elementary school students have returned to school since the fall of 2020. According to Mesa Rose Porter, the test positive rate has risen. 0.57% has already opened New York public schools.

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