Why Harry and Megan win the PR war in the United States

Why Harry and Megan win the PR war in the United States

The ideas expressed in The View reflect the fuel and the reaction of millions of viewers. If the Duchess ever doubted the depth of her support for the United States, all she had to do was do it. Similar conversations take place in lounges from Ohio to Alabama.

Since the Duchess called the royal family “business,” many Americans have done the same as the American press. The Duke’s recent appearance on James Gordon’s speech was considered a major success. On CNN, a host said he was “winning the public relations battle” against the palace.

Their popularity is also growing on social media, especially as the Duchess has an army of American fans.

Anyone in the United States who is interested in the history of “Maxit” has recently seen a video on the couple’s phone entitled “The Most Attentive Husband.” It shows the various instances in which the Duke helped his wife brush her wind-blown hair or fix her ponytail.

The video, courtesy of Rihanna ‘Like’, has been viewed 36.3 million times more than any other UK TV show.

Another video, viewed 9.2 million times, shows the Duchess surprising a fan in 2016. He was interviewed on stage in 2016 and kissed the audience and sent a letter to the fan who told him. Contacted on Twitter. “Remember Megan did this,” the title reads. “She is OK. “

These videos were produced by Sussex Scott, a group of ‘super fans’, many of whom began to follow the Duchess in his acting career. As tensions between the palace and Sussex escalated prior to the interview, colleagues in his legal drama “Suits” began to defend the Duchess’ character.

Aaron Gorsh, the creator of the suits, suggested that the harassment allegations were nothing more than sending night-time emails. He said: “Megan Markle is not a monster. She is a strong woman with a warm heart, trying to fight her way through unimaginable circumstances.

“I do not know the details of an incident that happened many years ago, but if night time emails turn you into a horrible person, I’ll go to hell 50 times.” “

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