Next week there are peaks of meteor showers and other events in the sky

Next week there are peaks of meteor showers and other events in the sky

Jakarta – March 2021 has entered its second week. As usual, there is an event every day Astronomy Different. Includes some Event It will happen next week. Also read: Asteroid Apophis Splash, 10 asteroids threatening Earth in 2020 are here

The following are astronomical events that occurred on March 8-14, 2021, according to the Center for Space Science National Aeronautics and Space Agency (LAPAN), quoted on Monday (8/3/2021).

Saturn-Jupiter-Wednesday Moon Co-Quartet (March 10-12)
This phenomenon can be seen from the east-southeast direction at dawn (22 minutes before sunrise). Mercury has a brightness of +0.02 to +0.01. Then Thursday -1.99 to -2.00. Saturn +0.73 to +0.74.

Meanwhile, the Moon entered its final crescent phase in March with 12.7% and a brightness of -8.76 on March 10, 6.7% of light and a brightness of -7.68 on March 11 and a brightness of 2.5% and -6.08. 12.

Neptune Solar Link (March 11)
The climax of the event occurred on March 11 at 07.28 WIB or 08.28 WITA and 09.28 WIT. Neptune is 1.64 billion kilometers from the Sun and its magnitude is +8.0.

The result of this phenomenon is that Neptune is no longer visible in the night sky because it is parallel to the Sun. Neptune-Sun separation angle is only 1 ° 04 ‘. Neptune connections occur every year, more precisely every 367 days.

Lunar phase (March 13)
The event occurred on 17.21.01 WIB or 18.21.01 WITA and 19.21.01 WITA, 396,124 kilometers from Earth (Earth Center) and in the constellation Aquarius.

Saturn can be seen until the end of dawn. Meanwhile, Jupiter and Mercury can be seen from the beginning of the astronomical dawn to the end of the sea dawn. The location of Venus, which is very close to the Sun, makes it difficult to observe Venus even as the sun approaches.

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