Michael Moron has released his worst horror movie on Instagram!

Michele Morrone effrayé par ce film d'horreur culte !

Michael Moron talked about a cult horror movie via his Instagram story! The first film to scare the Italian actor!

The handsome Michael Moron has just released the title of the first film to scare him! Of course it is From the hit horror film “The Exorcist” ! MCE TV tells you more!

Thanks to the Polish film “364 DNI” Michael Moron, who was very successful on Netflix, has become a real star. In fact, the 35-year-old Italian actor is now More than 11 million people follow A real post on Instagram!

As a result, not only an actor (and even a singer), but also the handsome brown haired man is an influential figure who is highly followed on the web! So, He wants to entertain his big community By posting a lot of videos and photos of his story or his feed on Instagram.

This Sunday, March 7, 2021, Michael Moron has released a series of videos answering randomly selected different questions for a Netflix Instagram filter!

So is the actor Michael Moron replied To the following question: »What The first film that scares you? ” In fact, The 30-year-old responded: “The Exorcist”. An American horror film inspired by William Peter Platty’s novel of the same name.

Michael Moron has released his worst horror movie on Instagram!
Michael Moron has released his worst horror movie on Instagram!

Michael Moron posted an ultra classy photo on Instagram!

Today, Michael Moron posted a stunning photo of himself through his Instagram feed! Very majestic shot, and for good reason, the translator of “beautiful” wore it A white shirt and dark blue waist coat.

The following is a post titled: “I am my own boss. “ Its a publication especially appreciated by many and especially many subscribers! In fact, the post in question is overall Already over 749,000 likes, a real post!

Comments too much! In fact, fans of Michael Moron wanted to cover that man with compliments! So MCE TV invites you to find out Some adorable comments from web users!

“Very beautiful Michael! I love this photo, you really are a man with a capital H! “” But what a beauty, I can’t wait to see this in other movies. «You are your own boss… it’s for sure! I think everyone wants to get a boss as beautiful as you! “

Or: “It’s great to be your own boss, you’re so lucky Michael Moron!” Hope to see you again soon in a romantic movie! “” An amazing actor and a very handsome man, You have it all! “Thus we can read on that young man’s social network.

More adorable ideas than each other, so will delight those with major concerns! In fact, the latter can count on his community Check out each of their posts on Instagram.

His fans, and we look forward to that Beautiful Michael’s next post.