The young humpback whale escaped the attack of 15 orcas in Australia

The young humpback whale escaped the attack of 15 orcas in Australia

In Australia, two groups of killer whales witnessed a lengthy attack on a young humpback whale. The latter is an attack that escapes. This is the first time such a conflict has been documented in the Bremer Bay area.

Sharks are often described as masters of the oceans, but they are not the only predators in marine ecosystems. This is also the case for this Sharks. These Cetaceans, recognizable by their black and white clothing, are actually known to be strong hunters.

Whether fish, birds, penguins, seals or even dolphins, orcas attack a wide variety of prey depending on their diet. Sometimes using sophisticated hunting techniques. But it was a relatively unexpected confrontation with the audience in Australia.

For several hours, they were attacked by two groups of killer whales Humpback whale. For the first time a confrontation was stopped by the many attacks they managed for the film.

An unusual attack

Gemma Sharp and her family own a business that specializes in whale watching Vale Watch Western Australia. In their boats, they are eager to observe orcas, blue whales, humpback whales and other Cetaceans from Fremont Bay or Augusta on the southwest coast.

The attack took place on February 17, during one of these trips. Gemma had gone to sea with about 40 tourists from Bremer Bay when she noticed the unusual activity. No less than fifteen orgas fell from the surface, which seemed to be heading towards a precise target.

In the summer, the Whale Watch Western Australia team uses it to hunt Cetaceans and feed on squid or peak whales. But the scene here was very different. “The Orcs were invited by their wedding. We know it’s seriousGemma Sharp explained Sydney Morning Herald.

Long before they find the target of the attack: a young humpback whale (Mycoptera novanglia). In the past, the team has noticed scars on some specimens, claiming they may have been attacked. But the evidence of these conflicts has not yet appeared to them.

Not so unaffected goal

We understand that we see something important. The orcas were in full attack mode, with the whale actively trying to defend itself“, He said. The attackers began to target the victim’s spine in an attempt to repel and drown it. A routine hunting technique.

But they underestimated their goal. According to observers, the whale is at least two to three years old, healthy and strong. Orcas “Usually do not challenge themselves, but he was alone, they had to believe that he was inexperiencedGemma Sharp suggested.

The hunters quickly realized that it would not be so easy. Each time they caught him, the male wagged his tail to get them out. For almost an hour, he took refuge near the audience boat. Without Orcs management to keep him away.

Dangerous humpback whales are looking for a diversion to help save it, and we see the male swim towards the boat and descend … Orcas in his tracks“, She continued. Probably the pilot whales inspired by Edis came to the scene. Then a group of sharks-bulldogs.

One of the groups of killer whales began to move away before giving up. But six more hunters were determined not to let go of their prey. “They knew that at some point the whale would try to move away, so they waited for about 40 minutes“, Encrypted Gemma Sharp.

Second attack

The conflict was unfortunately far from over for the male. After a distance of just 500 meters, he had to withstand another attack. Only six killer whales remain, and one of the largest males in the group collected about 9 tons of the sample whale, known as El Notzo.

El Notcho often tried to break his jaw. They usually do, but incredibly, when El Notzo rushed towards him, it did not frighten him.“, He explained. The response of about 15 tons of men undoubtedly made it clear to the hunters that they would not win the battle at this time.

They gathered again and began to walk away. The whale had the opportunity to escape to the beach as fast as possible. Eventually, the confrontation lasted nearly four hours, but the male was captured and fled. Or almost. The audience was able to see that its dorsal fin was torn.

However, his calf and pectoral fins appeared to be intact and no serious injuries were found. “At one point we thought he wasn’t going to make it, but he proved his opposition“Whale Watch is co-chair of Western Australia and its team is well acquainted with the two groups of killer whales involved in the attack.

“Never seen anything like it”

This is the first time such a hunt has been filmed and documented in the Australian region. “Our marine biologists and the scientists on board were completely stunned. They spent many years studying these creatures and they had never seen anything like it“, He added.

Other attack scenes have already been filmed in the past. They made it possible to observe killer whales in particular Playing with sea turtlesAttack, large white sharks or chase seals. “Killer whales” (“killer whales” in English) often support their reputation.

The privilege of attending such an important event provided the opportunity to experience a completely different side of Bremer Bay’s Orca population. “, Whale Watch noted in the commentary on Western Australia The video was released on Youtube. As for the young man, the team was not disappointed to see him return to the area one day.

Maybe one day, in future migrations, we will cross paths with this special humpback whale in excellent conditions. We will never forget him, and he will always remind us that there is hope as long as there is life“, He concluded.

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