In Australia, a teenager dies after being stabbed by jellyfish

In Australia, a teenager dies after being stabbed by jellyfish
Une m & # xe9;  duse & # xe0;  l & # 39;  Fish de Melbourne, en mai 2020. (Photo d & # 39; illustration) - William WEST / AFP

A jellyfish in a Melbourne fishery in May 2020 (photo caption) – William West / AFP

An Australian teenager has been stabbed to death by highly poisonous jellyfish, the first such death in fifteen years, authorities announced on Thursday. On Feb. 22, the 17-year-old was stabbed while swimming out of a small town, health officials said பமகா, Located in the north of the state of Queensland.

“Sea Wasp”

He was airlifted to hospital by helicopter, where he died on March 1, police said. Australian box jellyfish or Chironx Flexery The most venomous jellyfish known to date, it has earned the nickname “sea wasp” or “hand of death”.

It lives mainly in the tropical waters north of the vast island-continent, where in the summer, swimmers are advised to wear full-body swimwear or to avoid swimming.

The first death has been associated with this jellyfish since 2006

According to marine biologist Lisa-Ann Gershwin, this is the first Australian box jellyfish death recorded since 2006.

“Unfortunately, (earlier) deaths also occurred in Bamaga,” he told ABC Television.

Lisa-Ann Gershwin says such a devastating effect is preventable, but people living far away from a city are particularly vulnerable.

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