Stoiles Glass is investing in its first US site

Stoelzle Glass investit dans son premier site américain

1 toThere is In March, the Stoles left Europe. The Austrian glass maker announced on March 4 that it was acquiring a base in the United States. The group’s CEO announced the acquisition of glassware from Anchor Hawking Glass, a subsidiary of the Onida Group. The sale process ended earlier this month, allowing Stoiles to settle in the United States for the first time through a site in Monaco, Pennsylvania. This new location marks the company’s seventh plant.

Achieve the status of a world leader

“Our clear focus on manufacturing, service highlighting and our 200 years of experience has enabled us to achieve global leadership and ensure stability and business continuity for all customers at the Monaco plant.”, Said August Group, President of Stoles America. This new company has set the goal of achieving exceptional results with the customer and with it. To achieve this, Stoyles already plans to invest and modernize for sustainable growth in the coming years.

The acquisition of Anchor Hawking Glass in Monaco brings the group’s manufacturing plants to seven. Stools also has three decorative floors with a total of 3,100 employees. The company says this is a purchase because it recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary “The first step in securing the next 200 years of the family business”.

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