Giovanni dos Santos will be counting his days in the United States

Giovanni dos Santos will be counting his days in the United States

Since Giovanni Doss Santos came to the United States as a backup in 2019, fans have high expectations of him, however, he has left what he wanted, for this reason he will live his final days as an asulgrama player. The Mexican deal expires in June 2021, But its poor performance means that the team will not update it.

Santiago Solari tilted when he first captured the experience of a three-time World Cup player at the club, but he quickly lost his place in the project, failing to fill Argentina’s eye. His role has become secondary and he will bid farewell to the club at the end of Guardians 2021. On top of that, His high salary is another reason why Coba is trying to eliminate him.

According to TUDN journalist Javier Rojas: “Geo is counting his days in the United States. The board has no plans to renew his contract yet. The final decision will be made before the end of the match, but it is yet to come.. This is confirmed in the contact game program.

The player was active for the first three days of the championship, but in recent days he has missed opportunities other than suffering from persistent injuries. The Mexican was not taken into account in the last game against Solos, which was a blow to the knee.

Giovanni Doss has appeared in 37 games with the Santos Eagles jersey, of which he has scored only 3 goals., He will have to get an update in the next few games, however his chances of staying in the US are dwindling every day.

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