Xi Jinping’s China tightens US

Xi Jinping's China tightens US

Destruction – The five-year-old Govt plan, the increased repression in Hong Kong and the strengthening of the grip of the “red prince” were unveiled in Beijing on Friday as part of the regime’s annual high-mass program.

Reporter in Beijing,

Compulsory vaccination, several Govt tests, and then two weeks of monastic isolation in a hotel room in Beijing. Access to the People’s Hall Stalinist gold is a barrier to nearly 3,000 people this year “Representatives” Participated in the session of the National People’s Congress, the most important annual political meeting of Communist China. More than ever, this high mass, which opens on March 5, looks like a rooted camp in Tiananmen Square, a Second World power maintaining its victory “Virus Demon”, And led by its dictatorial President Xi Jinping, demonstrates its determination to continue its nationalist renaissance.

The “comrades” appointed across the country of 1.4 billion people to participate in this record room of the regime, which aims to give a democratic face to the one-party rule, had ample time to intervene in the law. Benzei D. G. Jinping

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