Online theater lessons with Exchange Theater workshop

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Issued by Virginie Kilkes | On 03/04/2021 on 03:50 pm | Updated on 03/05/2021 at 10:46 am

While theaters are not open, the Exchange Theater workshop has reopened its doors online since February, this time online, to all its subscribers and the general public. It offers free sessions to all its users based on usability, lessons and upgrade tasks.

Exchange Theater is an international theater organization recognized in the UK with more than 12 years of experience aimed at transcending physical and cultural boundaries. Their visual and musical universe gives you a total emotional experience. Whether you are a newcomer or an amateur, this is a great opportunity to meet foreigners, build cultural connections, isolate yourself, combat stressful situations, and go out when you get to know each other! A unique, collaborative, fun and enriching experience designed to increase morale and fitness.

Join bilingual actors Funny Thullin and David Furlong who will take you on this unique adventure. Classes and games take place on the zoom platform from February 17th to March 30th. They will be aired in the evenings online in the spring. Games, a free workshop for everyone, takes place on Tuesday at 7.15pm at Zoom. Registration required, donation possible.

Lessons, membership workshops, zoom on Wednesdays and Thursday evenings, registration required, 15, in French.


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