Iran reaffirms opposition to renegotiation of nuclear deal – Brenza Latin

Iran reaffirms opposition to renegotiation of nuclear deal - Brenza Latin

In a message on social media, Zarif was adamant that “it cannot be reconsidered, period.”

“If 2021 is not 2015, then it is not 1945. So let’s change the UN Charter and remove the veto that the United States often uses,” he stressed.

The remarks of the head of Iranian diplomacy are in response to statements made by US Undersecretary Wendy Sherman’s candidate.

During a meeting of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Sherman called for a stronger deal with Iran, arguing that the situation had changed since the PIAC signed it.

‘I would like to point out that 2021 is not 2015, when the agreement was finalized, or 2016, when it was implemented, because the facts are different, similar to the geopolitics of the region, so the way forward must be similar to take a course,’ he said.

At the request of former President Donald Trump, Zarif recommended that all signatories refrain from posing and implement it, which the PIAC agreed to in 2015, from which the United States departed in May 2018.

“We will stop what we both did in vain from 2003 to 2012 and we will implement the multilateral agreement we signed,” the Iranian minister said.

Islamic Republic UN He reiterated his opposition to renegotiating the treaty protected by Resolution 2231 and acknowledged that the only way for the United States to retain it was to remove the sanctions imposed on Iran and return unconditionally.

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