Question Ramsayer’s “Comfort Women” Education Magazine is difficult to publish in March: Japan • International: Hanquire Japan

Question Ramsayer's "Comfort Women" Education Magazine is difficult to publish in March: Japan • International: Hanquire Japan

Publisher, Professor Ramsayer “Denies by the end of the month”
More than 3,000 scholars “request to withdraw article”

Mark Ramsair, professor at Harvard University, criticizes Japanese military “victims of comfort” for being prostitutes = Harvard University documentary photo // Hankior newspaper

The March issue of the international magazine featuring an article by Mark Ramsayer, a professor at Harvard Law School who claims the Japanese military is a prostitute for “comfort women,” is expected to be almost as difficult to publish.

Eric Harland, editor-in-chief of the International Review of Law and Economy (IRLE), published by Dutch publisher El Xavier, is the author of a paper by Harvard University’s Yonhob News Agency. We urge Professor Ramsay to reject the academics’ recommendations by the 31st of this month. The March issue of the printed book will be published after he responds, so it will be published shortly after April.

Initially, Elsevier adhered to Professor Ramsayer’s article “Contracts for Sexual Services in the Pacific War” in the March issue, with additional text and reactions expressing concern, but changing the situation. I decided to listen directly to the author’s explanation.

So far, academics have criticized Professor Ramsay’s essay as having no evidence and many mistakes in the decision-making process. In particular, the article states that the Japanese military “comfort women” are volunteer prostitutes, but it is clear that Professor Ramsayer never saw the “comfort deal” of Korean “comfort women.” This was a problem I did. Or looking for real contracts for recruiters, ”said the scholars who followed his quote.

Some speculate that the publication delay may have allowed Professor Ramsayer to develop defensive logic that would have forced him to publish academic journals. For this reason, there is a growing demand for this article to be withdrawn. Currently, 3010 scholars have signed a round-robin letter calling for the withdrawal of Professor Ramsay’s article.

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Reporter Kim Cho-yon (Inquiries [email protected]) Original Text Input: 2021-03-03 11:05

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