Joe Biden announces “return” of the Atlantic Alliance

Joe Biden announces "return" of the Atlantic Alliance


US President Joe Biden on Friday reaffirmed his commitment to the Atlantic Alliance, accusing Moscow of “attacking” Western democracies in its first major foreign policy speech to its European partners. The message was good welcome to them.

“America is back, Atlantic alliance is back”: During his first major foreign policy speech to his European allies, new US President Joe Biden reaffirmed his commitment to NATO on Friday, February 19, accusing Moscow of passing the “offensive”. Western democracies, he said at the Munich Security Conference.

Angela Merkel, for her part, welcomed the “strengthened diversity” at the end of the Virtual G7 Summit, which was paramount in the presence of the new US president. Joe Biden, who broke with his predecessor Donald Trump, promised to “return” to power in the United States on the international stage.

Interested in restoring Atlantic ties, he took part in the G7 on Friday, and then via video conference with German Chancellor and Emmanuel Macron at the Munich Conference, where the annual meeting brought together heads of state, diplomats and security experts.

“I speak to you today as President of the United States from the very beginning of my administration. I send a clear message to the world: America is back, the Atlantic Alliance is back,” he declared on the 46th.e President of the United States from the White House.

“I trust NATO ! “, Says Macron

The reconciliation with the diversity of the United States and its traditional allies was welcomed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron by other special guests at the conference.

“I trust NATO!” The French president announced that the end of 2019 would sow the seeds of unrest by declaring the Atlantic Alliance a “brain death.” Emmanuel Macron said that European strategic autonomy, protected by France, was not intended to replace NATO, but to make the EU a more reliable partner for the United States.

Contrary to Donald Trump’s announcement, Joe Biden also confirmed that the US delegation stationed in Germany would not be withdrawn.

In the words of Joe Biden, the three leaders have a number of common responsibilities, including defending the democratic values ​​threatened by those who claim that “authoritarianism is the answer” to the current crisis.

Democrats, on the other hand, reaffirmed their commitment to the fight against climate change, calling for a “global existential crisis” and a fight against “China’s economic abuse.” A position in the continuation of his predecessor Donald Trump.

The United States must respond to Iran’s “instability measures” in the Middle East, he said, without elaborating. In the same speech, the US President reaffirmed Washington’s intention to restart the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, including all signatories, including Iran.

Attack on Russia, but “without provoking the East against the East”

His successor, who addressed European partners who were sometimes abused by the United States under Donald Trump, accused Russia of “attacking our democracies” and said he was determined to “regain” Europe’s confidence.

He accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of “trying to weaken Putin’s European plan and our NATO alliance.” “He wants to undermine Atlantic unity and our resolution because it is much easier for the Kremlin alone to threaten and intimidate states than to negotiate with a strong and united Atlantic community,” he said. But Joe Biden made it clear that “this is not a question of pushing the East against the West.” “The frozen volumes of the Cold War (…) cannot be returned.

“In many places, including Europe and the United States, the progress of democracy is under attack,” warned former Barack Obama vice president. “We are at a critical moment.”

Facing the progress of populism, he stressed that “we must prove that our democracies can still benefit our people.”

The “strong” EU is needed

“We are at the center of a fundamental debate about the future path of our world. Considering all the challenges we face from the Fourth Industrial Revolution to the global epidemic, who understands that dictatorship is the best way forward, and that democracy is necessary to meet these challenges,” Joe Biden continued.

“Democracy does not happen by accident. We must protect, strengthen and renew it.”

This “return” of the United States to the heart of the international alliance was well received by Angela Merkel. At a press conference at the end of the summit of the seven great powers, the German chancellor referred to the new president’s “first decisions” and said that “diversity will again lead to greater opportunities within the G7” when unity returns. States in the Paris Climate Agreement.

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