George Floyd, The Test of Dividing America

After the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, Minneapolis exploded like never before. Today, he is very concerned about the conflicts that may arise after the verdict. Whatever. The 46-year-old victim took eight minutes and fifteen seconds to breathe. He was shot by police officer Derek Suev, who pressed his full force on the detainee’s neck, preventing him from breathing. Two more police officers shake hands with their colleague. This dramatic video will be shown to everyone again from March 8, and Mayor Jacob Frey is already calling it “the hardest time for our city”.

So the city takes the lead and the city of Minneapolis is getting colder every day. Two thousand members of the National Guard are expected to be reinforcements and 1,200 police officers provided by 12 U.S. security agencies. Sheriff David Hutchinson warned: “We’re here to protect everyone’s rights, but I’m here to tell you that if you attack someone, destroy or burn anything in this city, you will go to jail. We will not tolerate any disorder.” Calls to travel to Minneapolis to begin the investigation are already spreading in both camps.

Three weeks to select jurors

In a more divided America than ever, the Floyd affair was seen by black communities as a symbol of the oppression of whites against blacks. A year later, at least 160 monuments or statues linked to the racist policies of the Southern Confederates disappeared from the American landscape. For Tristan Capello, a political scientist who teaches at Johns Hopkins University in Washington, D.C., the symbolic significance of the investigation is obvious. “This is the first for the democratic administration and since January 6, the date of the Capitol invasion.”

In this very important political environment, it took three weeks for both parties to select the possible judges of the trial, from which a final arbitrator should be appointed. Elected officers will remain anonymous and will not go out during the entire investigation. After Floyd’s death a questionnaire was sent to them about what they thought of the reorganized anti-racism movement Black Lives Matter.

“An Impact on Biden Management”

What killed George Floyd? This will be the central question of this experiment. If the cause of his death was officially established by a medical examiner as a result of the police officer’s use of force and the combined presence of fentanyl and amphetamines in his organs, then Derek Souv’s lawyer is asking for more attention. The opposition will undoubtedly play the race card. “Both speeches are not new, Tristan Cabello continues, but historically the law has always been on the side of the police.”

Trivon Martin, 17, was shot dead in the back in 2012 in Florida. “Awareness George Zimmerman was released, recalls Canadian historian Jean-Pierre Le Gluneck *. There is a long history of no dialogue, and the issue of race is too deep for the test to resolve any issue immediately. ” Tristan Cabello is not under any illusion: “Whatever the final verdict, it will have an impact on Biden’s regime. The day after Floyd’s death, he fought against racial justice, one of the main challenges to his future presidency.”

* “A Knife – The Death of George Floyd and the Benefits of History in Neoconservative Discourse” (Lux, 2021)

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