These followers of QAnon who want to stop the movement of the world – Liberation

These followers of QAnon who want to stop the movement of the world - Liberation

On May 30, 2019, the FBI announced that “List of Dangerous Terrorists in Front of Home” A group that very few have heard of: QAnon, a rumor that arose in an online forum two years ago that it has become one of the most dangerous conspiracy movements of the 21st century. Infiltrating and winning the Republican Party, attracting more supporters each week, extending its tents from the United States, QAnon was at the center of the attack on the Capitol in Washington on January 6, and he is said to be doing other instability on American soil: the F.B. testified before the Senate on Tuesday. Christopher Vare, director of AI, revealed that his services have opened up more than 2,000 investigations to prevent attempted attacks that are somehow linked to QAnon.

While it is clear that this event should be taken seriously, it is not easy when one examines its founding principles: QAnon’s believers firmly believe that the world is controlled by a group of pedophiles led by elected Democrats who meet in Pizzeria. Absurd? This is the comment Times London in 1921, he explained it to his readers The ethics of the elders of Zion A fraudulent job. George’s secret services worked for planetary success Ethics, And QAnon News are now broadcast on Russian servers, as is how much it changes. What are QAnon’s followers waiting for? The truth will be revealed around the world on March 4, and the ousted President Donald Trump will be surprisingly glorified. Like many conspiracy theories it is not really about changing the system, but rather about stopping a world that is moving too fast for many. Not surprisingly, our journalists noticed QAnon’s growing and unexpected success in another country, France.

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