Australia is enacting legislation that would force technology companies to pay to the media

After Facebook and Google reached agreements, the text was easily sent to Parliament to avoid being submitted to the arbitral tribunal.

The Australian Parliament passed the law on Thursday, February 25, requiring technology giants to pay the media to restart their content.

The text was easily accepted after Facebook and Google reached agreements to avoid subjecting the bond to arbitration. The government said the newspaper companies would be guaranteed by law “They get paid a lot for the content they create, which helps keep the public service magazine alive in Australia.”

The law could prove to be a model for resolving conflicts between technology companies and regulators around the world, to balance relations between traditional media, and to capture a significant portion of advertising revenue that dominates the Internet, with great financial difficulty.

Google News Showcase and new news product for Facebook

Google will now pay for news content appearing on its new tool called Google News Showcase, and Facebook will have to pay sellers to appear on its news product, which is set to be released in Australia later this year.

There has been a clash on Facebook against the Australian government. After blocking the publication of links to news articles from local or international media in response to the bill, the owner of Instagram and WhatsApp has finally stepped back and sealed a last-minute deal with Canberra.

Mark Zuckerberg’s group announces investmentAt least» 1 billion in news content In the next three years. The new envelope, which was contacted on Wednesday in a blog post by social media company Public Affairs Manager Nick Clegg, is in addition to the $ 600 million paid into the media since 2018.

Google, for its part, has already agreed to pay. “Significant amountsIn exchange for the content of Rupert Murdoch’s news team News Corp, it was pushed into the new Australian law.

Facebook and Google are now two months away.

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