US Recovery Plan: Vote “This Week” in the Senate

The bill must be approved by the House of Representatives. (Photo: 123 RF)

On Monday, the leader of the Democratic majority, Chuck Schumer, announced that the U.S. Senate would vote “this week” on the broader stimulus package that Joe Biden wanted, a bill that must be approved by the House of Representatives.

The Democrat-controlled council on Saturday approved a $ 1.9 billion plan that would increase the federal hourly minimum wage.

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On the question of the rules governing budget texts, this increase will not be in the version discussed in the Senate this week.

Despite the disappointment on his part, the Democrat leader urged Congress to accept his remaining plan “quickly”.

“If we act with determination, speed and courage, we can finally join hands again against this virus and finally revive our economy,” Joe Biden pleaded Saturday.

“The Senate will capture the U.S. recovery plan this week,” Chuck Schumer announced without specifying a date.

“I look forward to a strong discussion and some late nights,” he said.

After several hours of debate, the bill was passed by 219 votes in the House of Commons on Saturday, with all Democrats approving 212 (including two Democrats), with Republicans condemning the most costly and poorly targeted measures.

“At two o’clock on Saturday morning, Democrats in the House quickly accepted spending for their party’s benefit, which they pass as an anti-epidemic recovery plan,” Minority Republican Mitch McConnell reprimanded the leader on Monday.

Democrats have a narrow majority in the upper house, with 50 senators and 50 Republicans. In the event of a tie, Vice President Kamala Harris has one vote to cast.

If the progressives regret the removal of the minimum wage increase from the bill, it will eventually lead to the passage of the stimulus package, because at least two centrist Democrats were against it. Considering the total opposition of the Republicans, their disenfranchisement plan would fail.

After the Senate vote, the consensus text must go back to the House for the final vote.

Democrats want to accept the speech before March 14, when it will stop offering extended unemployment benefits in the previous aid program.

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