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With pure pleasure and a love of art, the editorial team has compiled a list of museums to visit in London. One day a museum, applause results: Museum of London.

This museum is not an institution in the same way British Museum Or National Collection. Your eyes will not shine in front of its awkward shop, as they are in front of you music V&A Or something Natural History. This is not something that is well known in London, yet in my view I can tell you today that it won the Palm d’Or.

I can only admit guilt, I had never heard of this place before leaving for London. But usually, a few months later, I saw his signature on the metro and the curiosity I was referring to: “And why not learn more about the land I adopted? “.

On the surface, the place isn’t really that inspiring. Nothing with the beautiful columns in front of the National Gallery. Its entry is not even that easy to find! But there you have it: Once inside, you are completely immersed in each of the different Londons of history. Pay attention to those who are interested, here you are in control of the time machine.

London Museum on the History page

The Museum of London was originally the result of a merger between two different museums: the Guildhall, founded in 1826 and focusing mainly on the field of archeology; And the London Museum, created in 1912. It was only after World War II that the two organizations came together to revive the London Museum.

In 1976, the site we know today opened its doors near the Barbigan Center and St. Paul’s Cathedral. It is now the center of social and urban history.

The London Museum in two figures

The museum is chronologically divided into 7 galleries that follow each other.

Outside of an epidemic environment every year, it attracts more than a million visitors.

Galleries of the Museum of London: A Journey Through Time

Identical for young and old alike, the galleries are illustrated and decorated to suit the tastes of each era, with a very realistic immersion. Thus, you will be stuck in the timeline of a story that never stops to surprise you.

From the construction of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, which was bombed during World War II, to the Viking Age and the beginning of the monarchy, you can go from one era to another at any time.

Your tour will begin with the history of London Before the city was built : At that time, we were far away from the skyscrapers of the city!

Then travel Roman London Then Medieval London : The stability of the Anglo-Saxon people since the beginning!

Roman-era London

Like any major capital, London was devastated by the Great Depression: in the 17th century, Between war, plague and catastrophic fire, Capital must accept the challenge of its restructuring.

Great fire London

After the effort, comfort: London is becoming more and more a city Popular and prosperous From the 19th century; Then, a century later, though Two world wars Untitled horror, she basically becomes a cornerstone Social rights.

London Blitz World War

Social Rights London

Finally, you will find out London is the city of the world After the unprecedented technological and cultural revolution, it has been illustrated by hosting international events such as the 2012 Olympics.

The London Museum is full of treasures you will never doubt. From all angles you will find the most vulnerable, the most dilapidated, the most beautiful and the strongest capital. A real lesson in history.

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