Sladen responds to LeBron … and puts a diaper back on

LeBron James Zlatan Ibrahimovic NBA
LeBron James Sladen Ibrahimovic NBA

DR / @iamzlatanibrahimovic

The small rivalry between Sladen Ibrahimovic and LeBron James is not over. After King’s response a few days ago, A.C. The Milan striker added another layer, and the arguments he puts forward to counter LeBron’s comments are thoughtful, rather relevant.

LeBron James The NBA has a good number of “enemies” in and out of the world. For example, in recent days, he has been attacked for his positions in politics! In fact, football legend Speaking of this, Sladen Ibrahimovic said that the role of the famous athlete should not be involved Politically

The king responded quickly with an attack, but he did not necessarily believe it. Some journalists did not hesitate to rename it on social networks.… Slaton has also given a layer after the last reports of the Lakers superstar. His argument stands …

The best athletes unite the world, and politics divides it. Our role is to unite people by doing what we can. Athletes should be athletes and politics should be left to politicians.

Sladen scored a point that sport is actually a global means of communication that unites people from all continents and all social backgrounds. A young South American and a young Asian can develop a friendship by fully uniting a common interest like football, even if everything seems to oppose them.

But Sladen Ibrahimovic’s speech is as sulfurous as a man இல் As a reminder in 2019, the famous Swedish striker got the right to a statue in front of his first club Malmo. The problem is, a few months later, he became a partner of an enemy club and thus created a huge uprising among the fans … he may have supported unity, he himself was at the heart of a big conflict in his heart city!

It is true that athletes often dream of crowds, especially young supporters who are built by their strength. SportsS… Their apparent political commitment may distort this dream-like aspect, which ofSlaton cries at the sight.

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