A large spider was hiding in the handle of his car

A large spider was hiding in the handle of his car

The photos were shared on Facebook Impressive. Christine Jones, an Australian, found a large spider on the handle of her car in Armidale, NSW Western France. “At first, I thought they were hairy caterpillars,” he explained on the social network. She had not used her vehicle for a week and the animal was able to seek refuge there.

Harmless spider?

On the Australian Spider ID page, this post received over 200 comments and was shared 5,000 times as of Thursday, November 3rd. CNews Some Internet users have joked: “This is not your car anymore, it has a new owner”. Others tried to reassure the Australians. They think the discovered animal is a hunting spider (sparassidae, In Latin). If so, it is a reminder that it is harmless to humans Western France.

This woman had a scary experience, but it is not uncommon in Australia. According to The Daily Mail, spiders seek refreshment in summer. For this, they are placed on the leaves. The newspaper therefore advises residents not to park under trees and not to spray insect repellent. Currently, in Armidale, the temperature can reach 30 degrees.

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