“VIP vaccines” cause a scandal

“VIP vaccines” cause a scandal

(Egofin Agency) – In Latin America, following the so-called “VIP vaccine” scandals, many countries face public outrage, where public figures, senior officials and members of the socio-economic elite meet. Before the official vaccination campaigns, without the knowledge of the general public.

This is especially the case Peru, Ecuador and Argentina already have four ministers to resign, And prosecutors, especially in Brazil, are investigating thousands of allegations of abuse during vaccination campaigns. Most include local politicians and their families.

In Argentina, the government on Monday released a list of 70 people who had been vaccinated outside the official campaign, which began in late December, a weekend full of protests against these rights, including Economy Minister and former President Eduardo Duhalt and his family or the Argentine ambassador to Brazil.

For many protesters, this priority treatment refers to the class selfishness of a particular elite, harming the wider population.

Overall, we will uniformly point out that popular anger is strong because vaccines are rare and slow to obtain. For example, Argentina, which has more than two million cases officially and nearly 52,000 deaths from Covit-19, received the 1.22 million dose of the Russian vaccine Spotnik V, Covshield nearly 600,000 doses from the Indian serum company and more. 900,000 dose from Chinese sinoform. For more than 44 million people, this is about 3 million.

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