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'Red Sonja' Screenwriter - L Seventh Art

Tasha Huo

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Tasha Hoo will be in charge of writing the screenplay for the fantasy adventure film Millennium. ‘Red Sonja‘, Directed by Joey Solowe (‘ Afternoon Happiness’). Hu will soon be the showrunner and executive producer of the Netflix animated series ‘Tomb Rider’.

“I have always loved Red Sonja and I am so proud to lead her story and embark on this cinematic journey. There can never be a better time in our world for us to use Red Sonja’s power and our connection with nature and our planet,” said Solove. Bringing it up is a dream come true for me as a filmmaker and I look forward to working with Dasha on this vision. ”

Mark Cantoni Courtney Solomon will co-produce the project with Christa Campbell and Lathi Cropman on behalf of Campbell Cropman Films. Andrea Sperling will do this for Double, which is also produced by Millennium’s Jariv Lerner, Jeffrey Greenstein, Jonathan Younger, Les Weldens, Joe Katta and Tanner Mobley. Millennium’s Avi Learner, Boas Davidson and Trevor Short will co-produce with Dorothy Canton and Luke Lieberman.

“Red Sonja” is a fictional character created by American screenwriter Roy Thomas and English cartoonist Barry Windsor-Smith. The character’s first appearance was in February 1973, in “Conan the Barbarian” magazine 23. American author Robert E. Snyder wrote the story “Shadow of the Eagles” in January 1934. The heroine was somewhat inspired by Howard’s character “Red Sonia de Rogadino”.

Howard Red designed Sonia as a 16th-century character, but Thomas and Barry Smith changed the spelling of her name (instead of “Sonia” to “Sonja”) and into the famous Hyperia era in which Conan lived. Sonja Conan’s female enemy, known as the “devil by the sword”, both characters belong to a genre known as sword and witchcraft.

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Red Sonja soon became the leader of a new race of fictional heroines, incredibly beautiful and with the bravery of a warrior. The character was played by Brigitte Nielsen in 1985 with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Comics is still released by Dynamite Entertainment today.

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