What is Latin America with Joe Biden?

Le président américain devra aussi se pencher sur les relations avec le Mexique.

Details – The new US president, who is the coordinator of Latin America, has already made an important decision regarding immigration.

One of the strongest hints of Donald Trump’s presidency was his struggle against Latin American immigration with the famous wall on the Mexican border, revealing the grave seriousness against the disgraceful comments and secrecy against Mexican immigrants. In Joe Biden’s first major decision, we can see the desire to violate this policy: the construction of the wall was abandoned and a plan was presented to Congress from the first days of his presidency. Modernization of the immigration system American.

The plan proposes to regularize the 11 million illegal immigrants currently in the U.S. region, often for several years. They will be given a temporary legal status, then a green card after five years and a chance to get American nationality after eight years. Joe Biden’s “restored security Dreamers 600, 600,000 illegal miners are in the area

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