Trump reappears, the political world trembles

Trump reappears, the political world trembles

This is the story of wheelchairs. First, the Republican Annual High Mass takes place in Orlando this year with two artisans walking around in an abominable statue of Donald Trump, dressed in gold and patterned shorts. This is Friday, February 26th, and in the video where the statue first appeared, you can see the speakers shouting: “Wonderful!” “Very cold! “. Are they evangelists? If so, they have forgotten the Bible passage about the golden calf, which ends badly for idolatry.

Second Cart Virtual: Millions of pages of Donald Trump’s taxes will be printed and asked to be moved if they are not stored on USB keys or small hard disks. Following the Supreme Court ruling, Mazar, Trump organization audit firm, Trump family, Donald J. Trump Foundation and the Eric Trump Foundation Changed these documents Manhattan terrace. One can only imagine the way they were obtained by lawyers: “Wonderful!” “Very cold”.

Former Trump campaigner Matt Brainard is helping left-wing artist Tommy Jagan move the statue of former President Donald Trump, right, to Orlando, Florida, on Saturday, February 27, 2021.

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Two carriages, two possible shots. This Sunday marks February 28, in Florida

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