The United States is attacking Syria, sending a signal to Iran

The United States is attacking Syria, sending a signal to Iran

The United States has responded to attacks against its interests in Iraq. First under the administration of Biden.

Strikes are limited, but the message is clear. For the first time, the Biden administration will be open from Thursday night to Friday. “Installations Sy is used by pro-Iranian militants in Syrian territory on the border with Iraq. They “Recognized in response to recent attacks on US and coalition workers in Iraq“Underlined the Pentagon, but U.S. officials quickly explained that they did not like the United States.”Regional expansionWhen Washington and Tehran try to start the conversation again.

There is uncertainty about the outcome of these bombings: 22 militants were killed, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights; According to Iraqi sources, at least one Iraqi is close to the militants. Targeted facilities belong to two Iraqi factions – Qatab Hezbollah and Qatab Shouhata – near the earthquake border in Syria. These militants, close to Iran, continue to be attacked

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