In Australia, “Facebook saves essential, freedom of speech”

In Australia, "Facebook saves essential, freedom of speech"
Facebook 3D logo in front of the Australian flag on February 18, 2021.

Facebook did not surrender despite the curve. The Australian Parliament has finally passed a new law that would force major websites to pay for the media content they broadcast. But the US network has the power to enter into further agreements with the media. Google and Facebook have been trying to circumvent this law for more than a week, fearing it will snowball around the world, threatening their economic model.

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In order to show its power, Facebook has gone so far as to reduce access to media content on its Australian site. Suddenly, “Aziz”, who loves social networking, saw a white screen when they went to their Facebook page. Australian Or the BBC.

Wage rate

Everyone made a gesture. Therefore, the law recognizes specific agreements between Google and the group of Rupert Murdoch, the owner of the country’s leading newspapers, as concluded on February 17. Times From London or The Wall Street Journal American. If no agreement is reached within two months, an arbitrator will be appointed to determine the pay scale. In a gesture of goodwill, the former British politician became head of public affairs at Facebook, pointing out on his blog that his company would invest $ 1 billion (மில்லியன் 81 million) over the next three years to conclude such deals in the world. .

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Mark Zuckerberg’s company saves essential, freedom of negotiation. The amounts involved are very low, about 200 million euros a year, slightly more than the 600 million euros spent in this area since 2018. A straw for a group that earned $ 85 billion in advertising revenue and nearly $ 30 billion in profits last year. But, basically, good years may be behind him.

This dominance is also a weakness: 98% of Facebook’s turnover comes from ads

Gradually, both governments and content providers around the world can no longer tolerate Internet advertising bonuses. Europe has already voted on an order in this direction and the Australian Prime Minister has no problem gaining the support of his Canadian, British or French counterparts. The political machine is running, not to mention the lawsuits filed in the name of competition in the United States.

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