Clutch, Frank Ndilikina won the Nix by a big deed!

Clutch, Frank Ndilikina won the Nix by a big deed!

Everything is fine with the Nix having another win against an Eastern Conference owner. Thanks WHO? Returning to the cycle, thank you to Frank Ndilikina, author of the decisive action at the end of the meeting.

The Knicks, who have been well-placed for the playoffs this season, continue to prove that this is not an accident. Derrick Rose is undeniably performing well, playing at the All-Star level in Julius Rand, and even RJ Barrett continues to rise to power. Bonus? Visit of the existing Frank Ndilikina Already pointed out in the last match.

Yes, the Frenchman has coordinated the rotation well as he was on the ground to face the pacers this Saturday night. However, the Knicks held the upper hand with a score of 110-107. Their record is now consistent, with 17 wins to 17 defeats.

Randall (28 points) and Barrett (24) shone, but it was Ndilikina who took the defensive action to allow New York to recapture this crucial victory. With 10 seconds left, Indiana are two points behind. When Rose deflects the ball, the French prince makes a good effort to block the ball.

At 108-106, Antiligina is on the blow line, not trembling: he puts both in, protecting the Nix from the fast bowlers’ fast returns. A notable win that puts New York in 5th place at the Eastern Conference is in 4th place with the Raptors.

There is no doubt that something is going on in the Big Apple, and if Tom Thebodo’s men can maintain this position, the playoffs will be over. For now, Nix fans can be delighted.

Returning to two games, Frank Ndilikina has already made a difference. There is no more choice for Tom Thibodo: to be part of the French cycle.

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