After the intelligence report on Kashogi’s assassination … Biden: We will announce on Monday what we will do with Saudi Arabia

After the intelligence report on Kashogi's assassination ... Biden: We will announce on Monday what we will do with Saudi Arabia

Atlanta, USA (CNN) – US President Joe Biden has confirmed that his administration will issue a statement on Monday on how to deal with Saudi Arabia in general, following the US intelligence report pointing to the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Kashoghi on Friday. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman agreed to arrest or kill Kashoki.

As he left the White House, Biden said on Saturday that after being asked if he wanted to punish Mohammed bin Salman: “An announcement will come on Monday about what we will do with Saudi Arabia in general,” he said.

The US president confirmed in an interview with Univision while in Texas on Friday that his administration would announce “significant changes today and Monday”.

Biden said: “We must hold them accountable for human rights violations. In fact, if they want to deal with us, we will make sure they take into account the extent to which they are dealing with human rights violations.”

Shortly after the intelligence report was submitted, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced a “Kashogi ban” that would allow the United States to impose visa restrictions on individuals representing a foreign government directly involved in “serious and external activities against the enemy, including pressure or harassment.” Or monitoring, threatening or harming journalists, activists or other individuals who consider themselves enemies, because of their work. “

“The ban, which includes family members, will be applied immediately to 76 Saudis.

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