Western Division of the National League: Analysis and Predictions

Western Division of the National League: Analysis and Predictions

The battle between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Patres in the NHL Western Division will be an epic.

While one or the other of these teams will finish first in the category, the other will definitely finish second best. So the conflict between the two is more than possible in the first round (except for the ‘wild card’ match).

For the rest, the Arizona Diamondbacks, the San Francisco Giants and the Colorado Rockies will compete for the last three positions.

Here is a brief analysis of the Western national teams, followed by the predictions of our correspondents.


The 2020 Diamondbox campaign has been disastrous in many ways. Staff were not seen being active in the off-season. So it marks a return to the lower parts of the Western Division, despite the appearance of Gunner Jack Gallon. But they will not be alone.


Current champions have already added Trevor Poyer, the recipient of the Sai Young Trophy, to the heel cycle well. The latter maintained an average of the best earned points average in the MLP last year. Not to mention the devastating attack. So Los Angeles wants to repeat their exploits last year, winning the best.


Last year was an inspiring season for the Giants, who competed for the playoffs until the last. The losses to the Dodgers and Patrice hurt them, and it will be back in 2021. The arrival of wide receiver Buster Posey could not hurt, with the addition of Alex Wood and Anthony Desclaphani on the mat.

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Their goal is clear: the Dodgers will be led by the division leader and MLA. To do so, the Californians are in charge of the opening cycle, which will now include Chris Paddock, Blake Snell, U Darwish, Joe Muskrov and Thinelson Lamet. From the attacking pillars of Fernando Toddis Jr. and Manny Machado they will have to rely on a better campaign.


When I said that diamondbacks would not be the only team at the bottom of the division, the Rockies could do worse. Nolan Arinado’s departure in talks over the Trevor story transaction means the days of 2021 will be dark in Colorado.


Looking at the predictions, one can expect the Dodgers to win the fight. Peters also finished second. With the Giants having a head start, comes the other three teams struggling to stay very bad.

See you next week for the American League Western Division!

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