Sleeve up holding Santiago Solari in the US

Sleeve up holding Santiago Solari in the US

சர் Controversy over the three points that Quillas del lost at the table in the United States Within Con and Azul Grema, they are ready to face Toussaint del Pacho tomorrow, when the Hidalgo team visits Quilas on the pitch at the Aztec Stadium.

The Eagles’ coach for this game, Santiago Solari, He worked hard with his team because he saw them being reduced for losing all three points at the table, so he got emotional and worked a lot, But he also knows that in football the United States must advance on the field.

As usual, Solari has not progressed in his line-up and is working with his team without speculation because the coach does not usually repeat the line-up every weekend. But what is certain is that one of the players he is most happy with is Muro Lines, A player who came to strengthen this match and filled the eyes of the Argentine coach.

Although Linus did not start every game of the tournament, A fact up to his sleeve in Coach Moro, Because the football player is used in the field of play and in the game of play depending on what the team needs.

I.e., Muro Moro Lines footballer Solari believes that it is better for the Muro Argentine coach to defend or attack the wings, to deliver results in a timely manner and, above all, to throw himself in the middle from the field, so he is the coach’s joker. Has changed.

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