Google and Facebook will (finally) pay for the media

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This is a major event that is currently of concern only to Australia. After months of tug-of-war between these two digital giants and a major event for the Australian government, a law has been officially adopted, so – this is the first time in the world. Thus Facebook was re-established on Friday Access to news content for its Australian users This milestone law, after reaching an agreement with the government, forced the media, like other technology companies, to pay.

Australians can finally reconnect on Facebook

Australian media Facebook pages can be refreshed Friday morning for the first time in a week as social networking has blocked the publication of links to articles in local or international media in response to a bill regulating the relationship between traditional media and technology companies. .

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Facebook and Google initially reacted harshly to the bill, voted Thursday and demanded that the media pay to restart their content. Google, which threatened to suspend its search engine in Australia to avoid being allowed, agreed last week to pay “significant sums” in exchange for content from Australian press groups, including News Corp. Presented by Rupert Murdoch and my …

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