Shock: “He reminds me of Magic Johnson and Jason Kid”

Jason Kidd aux Nets et Magic Johnson aux Lakers

From Plus The best creators in history throw the ball, Jason Kid and Magic Johnson have marked the NBA with their vision of the NBA and their impressive mastery skills. According to Shahul O’Neill, there is a current player who is close to these two famous leaders. A big compliment!

Among the teams that can slip in the title race this season, there are many better teams beyond the Lakers: Utah heading west, Brooklyn gaining momentum and Philadelphia leading the East Conference. The Sixers have dominated this season, largely thanks to their duo Joel Empiat/ Ben Simmons. In Utah, Rudy Cobert and Donovan Mitchell rule the day. In Brooklyn, you know who to trust.

In short, the league is full of very handsome men … at all levels. But this is the lead that has been of interest recently Shahul O’Neill, Consultant D.N.T.. According to the fraud legend, he has been accustomed to getting good caviar all his life, and one of the current players reminds him of the legends of all time: Magic Johnson and Jason Kid.

This is Brandon Robinson This tells us:

Shock on Ben Simmons: “He reminds me of Jason Kid and Magic Johnson. “

Not a lot no less! A flattering comparison to the star of the Sixers, he linked himself to two enormous references from two different generations in his post. Remember that most recently, another big name in the league called him “A mix between tennis Rodman and Scotty Pippon”. Suffice it to say that Ben Simmons is disrupting the crowd this time around, even though he was not selected for the All-Star game.

We can understand where the sense of shock came from: Magic Johnson and Jason Kid made a difference in their careers, and their unparalleled basketball IQ and magical passes illuminated the league. The fact that the two legends did not score well ஒரு an interesting comparison to the Australians… has further developed their filming over time.

Beyond that, all three leaders, Simmons, Magic and Kid, dominate in height, with the tallest of the other levels being 1 (smaller kit, 1.93 m). Today, this advantage allows the Billy (2.11m) leader to get the most out of even a few matches in the paint. In short, there are definitely similarities in terms of playing style. The young Sixers star must now make progress in his career.

Shahul O’Neill a Loose The most commendable compliment to Ben Simmons. According to him, the Australian game is reminiscent of Magic Johnson and Jason Kid, two legends who shone in post 1. We want Simmons to follow in their footsteps!

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