Kashoki’s Killing Jet captured the Saudi crown by the prince

Kashoki's Killing Jet captured the Saudi crown by the prince

Court documents reveal surprising findings regarding private jets used by Saudi Arabia’s longtime journalist assassins. Jamal Kashoki. The two private jets in use are known to be owned by one company, which was captured by the Crown Prince a year ago. Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman.

The documents, filed as part of a Canadian civil lawsuit earlier this year, were named “top secret.” A Saudi minister has signed documents fulfilling the Prince’s confiscation order for the young practical ruler of Saudi Arabia.

“According to His Majesty’s instruction, the Crown Prince,” the Minister wrote in his translation, “I agree immediately to complete the necessary procedures for this.”

According to the document, Sky Prime Aviation was ordered to transfer its ownership to the country’s $ 400 billion wealth fund in late 2017. The company’s planes were then used in Kashogi’s assassination in October 2018.

A group owned by the Saudi government exposed the connection between the plane and the MBS after it filed a fraud case against former Saudi intelligence officer Saad al-Jafri in Canada last month.

Fraud charges against Aljabri were filed in the Washington D.C. District Court last year by MBS. Al Jabri accuses the Crown Prince of sending a victory team to assassinate Kashogi in Canada just days after he was assassinated.

After the allegations were made, the MP received a call via WhatsApp, and in December, the prince’s attorney asked the court to drop the case.

Evidence of the transfer of ownership of the private air fleet to the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund has not been previously reported, and the MPS has not commented on Kashoki’s death. In October 2018, shortly after Kashogi’s assassination, the Wall Street Journal quoted people with knowledge of the matter as saying that the Gulf Stream used by the killers belonged to a company controlled by MPS.

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