Australia allows Boeing 737 Max to restart

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The 02/26/2021 8:44 AM

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Australian Authority Restructuring of Boeing 737 Max Flight

Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority announced on Friday that it would allow Boeing 737 Max aircraft to restart. / Photo taken on September 30, 2020 / REUTERS / Lindsey Wasson

Lindsay Wason

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority said on Friday it would allow the Boeing 737 Max to restart.

“We firmly believe in the safety of aircraft,” said Graeme Crawford, president of the Australian company.

The Australian regulator has accepted the return of service requirements specified by the US FAA as the category certificate for the 737 MAX.

Australia was the first country in the Asia-Pacific to lift a two-year ban on 737 MAX.

No Australian airline has a 737 Max, but Fiji Airways and Singapore Airlines have used these flights for flights to Australia.

(Jamie Freid; French version by Camille Reynolds)


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