J.D. Martinez wants to be a Red Sox legend

J.D.  Martinez wants to be a Red Sox legend

J.D. Martinez landed in Boston in 2018. In his first year playing with the team, he was named MLP All-Star and placed fourth in the MVP race.

He scored 43 home runs and finished the campaign with 130 Reserve Banks this season. He had a great year in 2019, but in 2020 he had a very tough season and then dropped a little bit.

Despite this, the main man told the media that he wanted to end his life in Boston and that he wanted to become a Red Sox legend.

The 33-year-old Martinez says he wants to get inspiration from the likes of Nelson Cruz and David Artis, who played until they were 40 and made an impact in their coaching. J.T. said that these two Boston legends would motivate him.

If he really wants to end his life there and become a legend in the city, he has to start beating again like he did in 2018. That year he was practically untouchable, according to the figures I mentioned above. .

It certainly didn’t hit .213 and hit seven long balls – he’s going to have 27 Reserve Banks going there in 2020 as he did. He only played in 54 games last year due to infection, but J.D. Those kind of figures are not great when it comes to a person like Martinez.

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It remains to be seen how he will behave next year.

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