In the midst of the epidemic art takes to the streets of London

wander art rues londres

While museums and galleries are closing their doors, the “Wandering Art” project will introduce you to artists from around the world in the heart of London’s streets.

Go for a walk. This thought haunts our limited days. But what good is it to go out if all cultural places are forced to close their doors? Finding British capital through art has been complicated in times of epidemics, but it is not an impossible task! Between the districts of Mayfair and Belgravia, you will come face to face with the most amazing art installations.

Alone or with family, find out “Wandering Art” project Not far from the famous Buckingham Palace. In the program: works that are different from each other and luxurious colors. It is enough to give a little balm to the heart in these times when everything seems so gray and dark. On foot or bike, shades of blue, red, yellow, pink or green come to life and beautify our days.

Alliance of Twelve International Artists

Artists from Mexican, French, British and many other nationalities are featured at the center of this outdoor art gallery. Seven artists have established their works in the Belgravia district, against five in Mayfair. Among the murals and sculptures, the “Wonder Art” project is a unique way to rediscover London’s famous streets, in harmony with the surrounding nature.

On your way, you will find lazy fuchsias on the faade of St. Mark’s Church, three colorful little houses in the middle of one of the crossover gardens, or a giant house sitting in the Brown Heart gardens. Each one is more original than the next, these works will stimulate your imagination. You have the freedom to interpret them as you see fit.

A project aimed at making art accessible to all

The “Wonder Art” project, sponsored by Alder-Projects, a cultural company founded by French Anne-Lauren Brown, took to the streets of London last November. A great way to allow ourselves to control our head for a short period of time. The elite nature of the arts is no more. This form Street Removes and democratizes art that is usually attached to the four walls of a gallery.

The path painted by these colorful creations will brighten the buildings, parks and alleys of the capital for a few more months. With The expected increase in temperature over the next few days, This trip turns out to be the best activity. So, bring back the fan of painting and sculpture that is hidden from you!

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