China vehemently opposes British Foreign Secretary’s statement and views Canadian parliamentary law on Xinjiang minorities as “malicious provocation” – Al-Bina newspaper

She revealed China, Yesterday, About Opposing them Is severe For reports Minister Exterior British Dominic Rob About Xinjiang By Of course The46 لمجلس Rights Man Pro للأمم United, That is to say That This ReportsWith everyone ClarityPowered byMotivation Subtle”.

ودعا Rob Commissioner High ل Man Pro للأمم United Michael باشليت Or An expert Independently Other To me «Access Hurry وغير Prohibited» To me Xinjiang, وقال That’s one «To That Being Over there Appointment In Council from this Subject.

And inside Conference Journalist Rotation, he said Speaker Passim Ministry Exterior The Chinese Wang And n In between That «Notes Britain Supposedly About Presentation Appointment What, Powered by With everyone Clarity Motivation Subtle, Purpose To me Mislead Comment Year And deviation Reputation China And undermining Collaboration In between China And provided Countries United High ل Man.

.ضاف Wang «We are We oppose That Strongly. Stunt Britain Small No. Done That Stupid Community International.

Like that دان Yo And n تسه Speaker Passim لجنة Affairs Exterior In the congregation National لنواب People Chinese, Yesterday, Recognition Parliament Canadian Ann Project Law About Province Xinjiang The Chinese.

وقال Yo That Lawشوه Facts Form Dangerous وهاجم Form Spontaneous Policy China About Xinjiang, What Poses Interruption Bluntly In Affairs Inside للصين And as a provocation Malicious Against People The Chinese”.

.ضاف:ندينه Greatly We express About Our opposition Is severe For him», Advice To me That «Command China وقانون Judgment Self Regional To nationalities Provides Clearly Ann That Country Protect Development And rights والمصالح Systematic To nationalities The same Minority, And correct To the people In Xinjiang Enjoy Rights Man Given On her In Constitution.

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وتابع:That What Is called By destroying Collaboration Fee No. Basic For him All From Health.

وصادق Parliament Canadian, Monday, Ann Project Law Provides Ann Recognition That Policies Government The Chinese Exactly உய்குர்கள் In Xinjiang Considered «Abolition Collaboration.

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