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With pure pleasure and a love of art, the editorial team has compiled a list of museums to visit in London. One day a museum, once the style of the Victoria & Albert Museum.

He was not on the first list of museums to see when I came to the UK. Back there, what a sacrifice! But here it is: the sword of Tomocles, known as the “Restoration,” is hovering over our heads, before being locked back in my room in the White Chapel District, I could not help but engage myself in the arts.

So, in the middle of October we are in the cold and gray (which is not surprising, I agree), as I enter the cave of this beautiful palace. First of all, my main purpose is to appreciate his famous collection on the evolution of fashion. But again, just like that British Museum, I am shocked by the diversity of works presented by the museum, fascinated by the atmosphere. Guided Travel!

Victoria & Albert Museum History Page

The V&A Museum is a museum of art and design. Created during the reign of Queen Victoria in 1852, it bears his name and the name of his beloved and beloved Prince Albert. Its different collections alone cover 3,000 years of art from Europe, Asia, the Americas and North Africa.

The museum was designed the day after the Universal Exhibition of 1851 and was later renamed the South Kensington Museum because it is located in the French Quarter of London (always) Museum of Natural History. At its inception, its primary purpose was to establish the knowledge of artisans by visualizing manufactured British pieces. Today, its collection is international and so important that the size of its pieces cannot be revealed at a glance.

Victoria & Albert Museum of Statistics

Like many museums in London, it is so large that it is impossible to see all four corners at once. For good reason: This monument is organized into 145 galleries spread over an area of ​​5 hectares and combines 4 million items. It is the largest museum of applied and decorative art in the world. Every year, in normal times, it welcomes more than two million art lovers within its walls.

Highlights of the Victoria & Albert Museum

Exceptionally, I will outline the profile of my favorite galleries here, not necessarily the talking pieces. I could not do that because this museum is so full of objects.

So let’s start with the package Islamic Art. V&A contains about 20,000 objects from the Islamic world from the 7th to the 20th century, coming directly from Spain, North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and Afghanistan. Among other things, you will find wonderful mosaics in blue in the gallery. But his masterpiece is certainly the hand-made Persian rug “The Artificial Carpet”, which is the oldest rug in the world (1539). It will impress you with its size and you can see it under the glass, especially to protect it from light.

Person Corbett London Museum

How to get to the Victoria & Albert Museum without going through the gallery Sculptures ? This is the richest post-classical European collection in the world! You will find all styles: monuments, portraits, mythological or religious statues, decoration … whether they come from Baroque, Renaissance, Classic, Victorian or Art Nouveau times, there is something for everyone!

Sculptures Victoria Albert Museum Landers

Finally, I must return to the starting point of my visit: the collection Fashion suits. Here again, it rises to the pinnacle of the world in terms of diversity and density. Shop (or at least get inspired) or admire the majestic pieces designed by Alexander McQueen or Yves Saint-Laurent as you browse through these feminine and masculine costumes from the 1930s Spain, English to 18th century, Baronic Egypt.

Fashion Collection Landers Museum

V&A is waiting for you! An order to reopen, I give you … But it is coming soon !

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