ATP – Cordoba – Benoit pair fall in love and win in South America #ATP #CordobaOpen #Jarry #Munar #NicolasJarry

Most Frenchmen have chosen to play in Europe, especially for the show Montpellier-Marseille, Benoit pair Has chosen to play in the meantime South America. Avignon resident, who owns a bag, got off to a great start on Thursday Cordoba 6-2, 6-4 dominates the demon Nicholas Jorry. Strong, the Hubs did not concede the slightest break, and were able to turn down his opponent’s 8 chances to get their first win of the season and the second chance he has had since restarting last summer. The French did not win later Roland-Cross… must be confirmed against Federico demandedSee you on Friday evening. However, South America may be the right place Benoit pair Starting his season he takes the hair of an animal, who came to Argentina …

Benoit Pier wants to create his own brand!

Benoit Pierre rediscovered love: Is it provocative?

Won Egor Kerasimov In the first round‘Open de Australia 6-2, 2-6, 7-6 (5), 7-5, Benoit Pierre seemed morally touched and did not appreciate the current round : “I had three exercises and my elbow hurts. When I was serving, we saw that things were already better. This contest, I could have won it if I had had one or two training sessions, a normal product. I’m going to go back, create my double and finally enjoy being here, able to go out, drink, and be out. If you have to make so many sacrifices and things so badly, let it be a nuisance and sometimes you just have to stop. I do not understand where we are going, I do not understand what ATP is doing. This makes the border line gruesome. Tennis is not for me. Obviously, I did not enjoy it “, Let him go. Maybe this tour away from the rest of the world will do good to the hubs and make them happy. Especially it Benedict Did not come alone. Comes with him Julie Bertin, A 28-year-old young woman found in a villa of broken hearts. La Montpellier has published stories where we can see her on the edge of the court Cordoba. We hope this will allow the 29th-ranked in the world to find a smile again and combine good results.

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