Apple supports an association that helps young LGBTQ + Americans

Apple supports an association that helps young LGBTQ + Americans

Apple is one of the new partnersBend around, A non-profit association in Utah, created in 2016 to help isolated or disadvantaged LGBTQ + youth. Encircle opens shelters for young people and their families, where it organizes workshops, discussion groups and other activities. Until then limited to three centers in its home state, the association will expand with eight new homes to open in Utah, but will also open in Nevada, Arizona and Idaho.

The house in Provo, Utah, first opened in Encircle 2017.

To fund this expansion, Apple Give a million dollars The company will also provide connectivity with equipment including iPods. Four other people, including the singer of the Image Dragons group, are participating in the fundraiser, for a total of $ 4 million. Tim Cook to Apple and other investors Participate in the life of the association, Co-chair.

This is not a huge amount for a company the size of Apple, but to the best of our knowledge this is the first time the company has directly funded an LGBTQ + association. This is not the first time this has been pledged in support of the cause, of course: the bracelets for the Apple Watch Pride edition, which comes out every year, make it possible to donate a sum to associations. Apple also officially backed pro-US LGBTQ + legislation a few years ago.

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