A “snow tsunami” struck Lake Michigan – Images

A "snow tsunami" struck Lake Michigan - Images


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Pictures of Lake Michigan melting ice were created on what residents call a “snow tsunami” and shared on social media. This phenomenon occurs when ice sheets with strong winds blowing towards the shore combine with each other.

After a cold event, mercury began to rise in the United States, miraculously melting the ice on Lake Michigan, one of the largest lakes in North America. Pictures of these ice systems have been posted on social media.

A “snow tsunami”: This is what the American media calls this event. As the temperature rises, the ice of the lake begins to erupt as the pieces scatter in the water. ABC 7 Chicago explains that strong winds are pushing floating ice towards the shore.

Thus they pile on top of each other and reach the mainland by giving the appearance of a tsunami. The plates accumulate and form a large ice sheet, the height of which can reach several meters, indicating the TV channel.

Very cold period

In February, the United States experienced a powerful cold. Temperatures in some parts of Texas were colder than in Alaska. According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the lowest temperature in Dallas on February 15 was -16 ° C, the coldest the city has seen since 1989.

The blizzard caused major power outages. About four million Texas residents have been affected.

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