Three beautiful places are known in Great Britain

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Issued by Johanna Wozniak | On 02/23/2021 at 08:43 am | Updated on 02/23/2021 at 09:00

The Railway Company in charge of operations for the capital’s Northeast (LNER) lines was released a few days ago. The results of a survey conducted among its users should determine the most beautiful places in the country in their opinion. We have to admit that more and more travelers among us are often in the best position to shed light on this matter. In fact, Loch Ness ranks first in Scotland, with 27% of voters claiming it as their favorite territory, tied to Wintermere (27%) and located with its lake in Cumbria County, England. Lake District National Park. The 135 meter high Ferris wheel and the real icon of the British capital very closely follow London E (26%), giving us a breathtaking panoramic view of central London. For 24% of them, the most popular sites are the Tower of London and the history of its castle, not far from Tower Bridge.

This study identifies places to visit in the United Kingdom. Travel enthusiasts will be delighted. For history buffs, Stonehenge (19%) in the UK and the Great Causeway (16%) in Northern Ireland (This will delight the fans of the throne), Arthur’s seat in Edinburgh (15%) and many more will convince you. For those in the UK, the discovery of the country seems important because 77% of them consider their next vacation to be in the UK, not overseas. Nearly half of the electorate (47%) wanted to emphasize the privilege of having some of the most beautiful panoramas in the world.

So do not hesitate to come and expand your travel wishlist!

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