Strange winter chase between police and naked man in London – Vido

Strange winter chase between police and naked man in London - Vido

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An unusual scene took place in the streets of the British capital where a naked man could be seen running to escape from police officers.

Passengers in London were surprised Look at a naked man As soon as a worm appeared on the sidewalk, several police officers followed, the Daily Mail reported.

The incident took place near Westway, west of the capital. It didn’t take long for a video to spread on social media.

These shots reduced the number of people being chased first by two police officers and then one-third getting out of the car. A wonderful display, as if reading the thermometer at 8 C in the morning.


The naked escapee was eventually caught and detained by police. Age 29, he is homeless. He was eventually interrogated and exposed indecently.

Last month, a similar incident took place outside Bloomsbury Square, where the person was found. To a passerby who questioned him, he replied that he had taken off his clothes You have to wash yourself, Then told a witness to Mylandon. Police were unable to trace his whereabouts.

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