NFL: Washington will not have a new name in 2021

NFL: Washington will not have a new name in 2021

It looks like the Washington football team will not have a new name and visual identity for the next NFL season.

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On Tuesday, the organization launched a new website,, where it points out that no name will be selected until the 2022 campaign.

“We have made a change from our old name. It’s time to write a new page in history. The future of football in Washington is coming in 2022,” it wrote on the front page of the website.

There is also a section where the club asks for suggestions for a new name from its supporters. Some have already expressed their opinion by mentioning names such as “Justice”, “Phoenix” and “Monuments”.

Before the start of the 2020 season, the Washington team decided to remove the name “Redskins”, which is considered the first attack on countries. Many companies put pressure on the organization to make this change.

In addition, the Washington football team will retain its current colors regardless of the club’s new name.

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