A mutilated shark baby with a human face!

A mutilated shark baby with a human face!


Date and time:
24.02.2021. 14:10

The incident confused a fisherman who spotted it on Sunday off the coast of the eastern Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia.


Mutant, Photo: YouTube prin.screen

Abdullah Nooran, 48, discovered a strange creature when he accidentally caught a pregnant shark while fishing, which was trapped in a net and died. Abdullah noticed her carrying three cubs.

When he opened the uterus, there were two small shark cubs inside, but the third cub was very isolated, which was unusual. The fisherman says he had two large round eyes under his nose.

In the video, Abdullah puts the shark in a paper box and places it in a ‘sitting’ position where the abdomen is visible.

The cub has eyes below the sharp nose, without the side.

When you open your mouth you feel like a human face is looking at you.

– First I saw my mother trapped in the web. The next day I opened my mom’s stomach and saw three puppies. Two were like a mother, and the third looked like a human face – said Abdullah.


Mutant, Photo: YouTube prin.screen

Its unique appearance may be the result of a rare condition, namely a congenital defect, experts say.

“This is not something I read, but some experts I follow say it may be a partial cyclops,” said scientist David Schiffman.

The fisherman took the baby shark home.

– My house is full of people who want to see a shark. Many people want to buy it, but will save instead. I think it makes me happy – says Abdullah, the Mirror writes.

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