60,000 unemployed computer graduates demand appointment of computer science teachers | Computer Science teachers demand to appoint them in government schools

60,000 unemployed computer graduates demand appointment of computer science teachers |  Computer Science teachers demand to appoint them in government schools


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Updated: Tuesday, February 23, 2021, 23:32 [IST]

Chennai: 60,000 computer teachers have been demanding for a long time that computer science be made a compulsory subject like other subjects and computer teachers be appointed for it.

In this regard, the Secretary General of the Tamil Nadu B.Ed Computer Science Unemployed Graduate Teachers’ Association has issued a request, the introduction of computer science subject in government schools from 6th to 10th class is welcome. However computer science subject is very important for public school students in today’s era.

Computer science subject should be brought as a separate subject and compulsory subject from the first class. In 2011 the computer science subject was introduced as a separate subject in symmetrical education.

But that book is still of no use to students today. Neighboring states like Kerala and Telangana follow our balanced education and make computer science a compulsory subject from class one.

The tenth class can pass only if they have passed the computer science subject in the state examinations. Emphasis is placed on the subject of computer science and computer teachers are appointed accordingly. Thus the enrollment there is increasing year by year. At the request of the Government of Tamil Nadu for many years, the government has been implementing computer science courses from class VI to class X.

Computer science teachers are demanding that they be assigned to government schools

Government Program: Additional teachers will be required to teach the computer science subject.

If the Tamil Nadu government refuses to appoint teachers, the subject will be taught by surplus graduate teachers in government schools. They will be given special training for that. We are considering implementing this program from next academic year. The government has said that this will improve students’ IT knowledge.

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Computer Teachers Request: As there are graduate teachers in the respective field to teach subjects like Tamil English Mathematics Science Social Science separately. For this we need to hire people who have been waiting for years to complete a b.ed in computer science and leave without a job.

Nearly 60,000 teachers are unemployed. We need to hire them in government schools and enroll students in computer science.

Not only that but the computer science lesson is very very important for the students of tomorrow’s society. He has demanded that teachers who have completed b.ed in computer science should be hired rather than training with other teachers.

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