When Springsteen and Jeep play politics, it cannot hurt America

Quand le boss bosse pour Jeep.

Well, it’s advertising. Well, this is a show, with extra big strings. But Bruce Springsteen’s performance a TV spot pour Jeep is not really subtle, but has a message that everyone can feel, especially by the supporters of Donald Trump who invaded Capitol on January 6th. News gathered around simple, direct and effective American democratic values ​​that certainly had more impact than the speeches of all American politicians. Everyone from Joe Biden to Barack Obama has urged American citizens in general, and especially those on Capitol Hill, to find a path to a common future.

Because precisely, this place uses their symbols, their symbols, a statue and an automobile. Also, it was shown on the TV show they inevitably watch: The Super Bowl finale, which attracted 91 million viewers, not before the CNN news or the political pages of the Washington Post.

Two-minute extreme centrism

For two minutes, the boss (the nickname his fans gave the singer) was not only praising the Stellandis Galaxy (FCA and PSA) brand Jeep as it celebrates its 80th anniversary. The songwriter, driving a 1980 model CJ-5, finds himself near a church in Kansas, believed to be the focal point of the United States. A place at the right time because it is called a spot In the middle According to Springsteen, the United States must unite the country he wants to take across the path of the future by mixing the colors of Republicans’ Reds and Democrats. Blue.

Chapel, Bass Bruce Springsteen and USA.
Chapel, Bass Bruce Springsteen and USA.

We can observe this filter, which has become the credibility of social networks, through the filter of cynicism. You can only see a Springsteen eager to pick up a dollar. He has already given his name to the brand, but for 10 years has systematically refused to reappear in advertising for the manufacturer. So he would necessarily raise the stakes, say the trigger. We can conclude that the only goal for a brand is to sell as many cars as possible, and in every way possible, when it comes to having fun, passing democracy as its first crankshaft. We can see all this, and can even find a standard of politically good quality that takes care of anyone in a radical centrist practice, without hurting the left or the right.

Folklore and its values

May be In the middle All of these at once. so what ? If conspirators QAnon And this Proud boys Ready to fight the guns and overthrow the corrupt administration, they got the message, everyone won: Springzine, Jeep and Democracy. Although they did not join the rally they demanded, at least they would have seen the march of their own values: the flag – which appears many times in that place -, the patriotism and the car, in the process of distancing themselves from their folk tales.

Sometimes the results justify a few ways, some bundles sell for dollars and some 4x4s. A week after the location aired, the American media revealed that the boss had been tested while intoxicated at the wheel. Too bad if the Jeep gets its campaign back fast. Without some slippage you would not be a rock ‘n’ roll legend.

Arnold and Conan's sword: the bulwark of democracy?
Arnold and Conan’s sword: the bulwark of democracy?

This observed advertising space, aired a month after Capitol’s invasion, is reminiscent of another from the same barrel: Arnold Schwarzenegger. Muscle comedian a Video That he did a few days after the attack on Washington. The former governor of California recalls being born in Austria, forgetting what democracy was at one point in its history, before using the sword of one of his most famous characters, Conan Barbarian. “Our democracy is like the steel of that sword. The more it is attacked, the stronger it becomes,” he said. Schwartz said.

One might find the performance ridiculous, and one can safely say that Conan the Barbarian is not a masterpiece of the seventh art. But the January video of Schwarzenegger has been viewed by millions of Americans as the February 7 Jeep video.

The Terminator and the boss, in any case, washed away a scene for four years to calm the mind, in their eager, most American way, and were far more dangerous than they had ever experienced.

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