The EU says yes to new sanctions against Moscow

The EU says yes to new sanctions against Moscow

Russia’s imprisonment of opposition politician Alexei Navalny and its crackdown on protesters have drawn strong condemnation from the European Union.

The EU is now responding with new sanctions as Russia angrily shakes up all criticism and opposes the expulsion of EU diplomats instead.

For the first time, we are using the new human rights permit regime, which some call the Magnitsky regime, which will soon become clear. Foreign Minister Ann Linde (S) says after the talks with her EU colleagues in Brussels on Monday that we have the political decision we have taken today.

Heavy names

Who exactly is affected by the travel ban to the EU and the freezing of any assets, Linde does not want to go inside. However, EU diplomats told Reuters about at least four suspects: Alexander Bastrikin, head of the country’s powerful investigative commission, Sledcom, prosecutor Igor Krosnov, head of the National Guard Viktor Solodov and Alexander Alexander, head of Russia’s prison service.

The EU Foreign Service will now find out who will be affected. Within a week, the foreign minister expects a formal approval decision to be made.

Took the Northstream

At Monday’s meeting, Ann Linde noted that the controversial Russian-German gas pipeline Nortstream 2 should also be questioned in this context.

He was forced to do so by a majority in Rickstock’s EU committee on Friday, despite opposition from the ruling parties S and MP.

– So it’s Sweden’s position, says Linde, however, not paying much attention to the crowd.

“Many countries have pointed out that it is inappropriate to address it because it is about (Northstream) energy issues and one should not allow – as someone said – 150 European companies and sanctions to hit Europe and Germany,” he said. Minister of Foreign Affairs.

During the meeting, he warned of further sanctions against various rulers in Venezuela and against the coup in Myanmar (Burma).

“The EU is prepared to impose severe sanctions on those directly responsible for the military coup and its economic interests,” the joint statement from Brussels said.

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