Jenny, the surrogate, gave up everything to live her dream

Jenny, the surrogate, gave up everything to live her dream

Ten years ago, you would have seen this lively thirty-one of the most popular restaurants in Angolam. From now on, you will have to travel to the other side of the planet to meet Jenny and her little nomadic family on Australian roads.

Love stories end well … sometimes. One thing we are going to tell you is that it started in Angola about ten years ago. Jenny Bob then serves at popular tables in downtown. But now, in his thirties, the young employee has a desire not to expand his horizons in Sorrento. So of course La Rochelle or Ryan Beach is less than two hours away, but Jenny can see more. Until you go, she told herself, you can target antibodies too.

I went backpacking for a year with a friend and I fell in love with the country. I am 29 years old. At the time, in Australia, the “working holiday visa” was up to the age of 30, so it was a home extension that could go there. But really, I only did a three month road trip because I decided to stay there and I settled in Byron Bay. I said I was going to secure my future there and then I would go back on the road and finish my Australian tour.

Jenny Bobbin, Globrotter

“We really move according to our desires”

Byron Bay is a browser paradise for old Mecca packing hippies and today, a tourist destination on the east coast near the Pacific Highway. It didn’t take long for Jenny to get odd jobs in hotels, a French restaurant or holiday villages. She will eventually set up her own business, in Byron Bay, where we will be back, and she will find … love.

Love name is Nathan, he is Australian, three years ago, little Louis was born from this love. So, the story may have ended in pure traditions with a happy ending like “They lived happily …”. But Jenny, even looking upside down from Sarande, has not lost the North, and after all, she has not forgotten why she got there ten years ago. With the bag, it’s time to hit the roads again. It is March 19, 2019.

We sold everything to equip ourselves and invest in a good 4×4 and camping trailer. We have a minimal life compared to what we had before, but we are much happier. Our baby has a new playground every week or every month. We really move according to our desires. We like, we stay, we don’t like, we leave. If we really want to, we settle down to do a little work.

Jenny Bobbin, Globrotter

“I told myself life was too short”

And 50,000 kilometers away, we reached Jenny by phone just off the west coast. To get more signal she climbed on a small rock ad. The small family is currently in the small town of Esperance. Before that, it was necessary to cross the endless semi-desert plains of Nularbor. You can follow this journey in the Family Life Wheels log book, Facebook Or Instagram. Beware, in our gray European winter, abusing photos of cheerful barbecues on crystal clear seas, fiery sunsets and white sands can irritate some. But we are well aware of the life choice of our homozygous.

Here, we talk about “gray nomads”, gray nomads, retirees who usually run around. But, I lost many friends and family before I was 50, told that life was too short and I didn’t want to wait until I retired. I still had a good business with a dozen employees, but I wanted to change. In fact, there are more families like us in Australia today. Especially with Govt, it made a lot of people understand a lot of things, and I get a lot of news from family.

Jenny Bobbin, Globrotter

“We don’t need a lot of money”

In Australia, schooling begins at the age of six. For now, Louie is shamelessly enjoying his young wandering life. “We meet a lot of kids on the road. As soon as we settle down, Louie goes all out. He’s super friendly and we meet a lot of people who thank him,” says his mother. For the rest, life’s possibilities determine the agenda and continuity of the adventure.

We always ask people if they have a job, a career, a home, but never if they are happy. So from the business owners (editor note), we went to the nomads. Absolutely the opposite. We certainly set aside some money, but we usually stop working for one or three months depending on the opportunities offered to us on the road. Usually one of us takes care of Louie is our turn, except when we work together in the company. For example, we worked in a gin distillery and they didn’t care if it was Nathan or Nana. There, Nathan worked in a seafood factory and was also the manager of a supermarket. For me, I have done extra cleaning at camps or events. We don’t really need a lot of money.

Jenny Bobbin, Globrotter

The health crisis compels, and this summer (ours) the family in Wheels was unable to board the plane to visit the family in Angola. So the caravan continued on its way, which was not going to stop. “No limits! We want to go to New Zealand, and then why, Europe with vintage motorhomes!” So Sarande will have to wait to see Gereni nomads again. Apparently, she was in no hurry.

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