Viking Season 6: Did Ube Really Discover North America?

Viking Season 6: Did Ube Really Discover North America?

In the final episodes of Viking’s final season, will Ube’s character find North America? A true story … no!

Viking Season 6 Live on Amazon Prime Video. So, fans are eager to know more about the truth behind the series. Did Ube really discover North America? MCE TV tells you more!

In the final episodes of the Viking series, Ube embarks on a journey to “Goldenland” which is now part of North America. Historically, did Ube really discover this continent? This is the question fans of the series have been asking since it aired.

In the end Final season, Ube, Oder and Dorvi finally stumbled upon “Goldenland”. The land where they searched for your time …

If the real name of the island is never revealed in this series. After an invention Native tribe On Earth, many Viking fans believe Ube landed in North America, and especially in present-day Canada.

For information, see The Upe character In Viking series Based on a real Viking army commander of the same name. The latter lived in the 9th century. Therefore, many wonder who invented North America, not Christopher Columbus.

Viking Season 6: Did Ube Really Discover North America?
Viking Season 6: Did Ube Really Discover North America?

Vikings: Ube has not historically discovered North America

After 6 seasons, the historic Viking series ended a few months ago, in December 2020! However, fans of the series still have questions. Especially Ube and His invention From the United States.

So you have it, MCE TV informs you on this matter! As far as we know, the real Upe never traveled to North America. Among the Nordic sagas, the latter is especially popular for guiding adults The pagan army invaded England in the middle of the 9th century!

A story presented in the 4th and 5th seasons of the Viking series! However, basically Discovery of the island, It gets complicated! In fact, the series seems to be based on the Vikings under the name Leaf Erickson!

In fact, the latter is known to have explored an island by name Newfoundland. In addition, Ube’s character in the series has the same physical characteristics as him.“A tall and strong man, except that he is a moderate man in all things, with a most astonishing and brilliant appearance.”

However, this discovery went well after a period related to the series! So, we can assume that the writers have accelerated the timeline of the series in order to select different themes for the show.

“I know the United States and Newfoundland’s invention is the result. That’s what I got Always planned« , Said Michael Hirst of the series’ Shoranner.